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  • Nope, not your mum, but much more smarter and wiser hahahahahaha

    jokes apart, medicine doesn't neeeeed to be done, surely you can make more money with accounting :rotfl:
    Yeh I might play a few games today and see if I can get hotkey using into my system.
    Yes, there's a lot of cheese but once you learn to beat it you get out of bronze pretty quick, or so I've been told :p
    Bronze but I've played a total of 12 1v1s in season 1 and one in this season but only on SEA.

    Yeh I should play more 1v1 lol, I would estimate my play ability to be around gold/plat though. My main problem is not using hotkeys for unit/building selection and focusing too much on macro and just a-moving (well t-moving in my case) my units while i focus on producing.
    O M G, alright, if you haven't slept, wait until about 9pm and then sleep and fix up your sleeping pattern now rather than wasting a few days to fix it up.. and d commerce, screw med :p
    Yeh same, I've watched the pros for ~5 hours a day since it came out but barely played at all.
    I should work on fixing that tbh...
    good work, and dw about umat/med, surely other things may interest you more? haha

    and you seem like an own or something, bad sleeping matterns, fix them up or they'll annoy you during actual hsc
    You see I would agree with you, but im not doing physics yet haha but for yr 11 next year yes. But in terms of extracurricular I like theoretical physics and neuroscience the best :):) Theoretical physics as in string theory. Im not that into loop quantum gravity or other stuff like that. Im a strong believer in M-Theory.
    ahh yes, boring... :/

    It's going good, uni is awesome, no stress (like you and the hsc :p )and I guess it's ok, when do you even sleep? and how're you taking the hsc thing now, hard out past papers?

    Also, how was umat?
    Hmm I am least good at.... Visual Art!! Thank god I don't have to do it in year 10 anymore. What about you?
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