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  • Hey, I was looking at your raw marks. If you have a scanned copy of your papers, could you please send your chemistry and maths papers to me? It would really help to see how the HSC marks. Thanks heaps
    1001 looks alright, but 1003 is scary. Im tempted to take 1004 instead (as a filler unit), since i pretty much arent doing any more phys past next year
    Do you think ill be ok in PHYS1001 and PHYS1003, if my math skills are up to scratch (Isnt alot of it like 4u mechanics?)
    the good news is i may have a chance at becominga maths tutor. have to see how it pans out
    rips brah, usyd physio or uws sci/adv sci ?
    the idea behind usyd physio is its a degree im interested in and will have a good fallback if i fail to get into med after trying an appropriate amount of times.
    then again, it would be hard to get a good gpa there so idk bout transfer prospects

    on the other hand uws sci, easier to get a good gpa, lowered umat score.... bad point, if i fuck up umat or interview im left with uws science ( not much to say there) .... :/

    halp pls bruva
    Dude what did you put on ur cv before u had any work experience. Im desperately looking for part time work, but i obvs have no experience.
    lol.. so many questions... can i also ask u how a "predicted" atar is worked out? since i want to get atleast above the cutoff for UWS.
    Interviews are given out depending on performance in UMAT (the sections are weighted 1:1:0.5 so section 3 is considered half as important effectively) along with a predicted ATAR given by your school and then offers are given based on ATAR, UMAT and interview performance. 5 year course.

    what is a predicted Atar?!?!
    unlikely ps4 will support ps3 games. It is too costly for sony to do that unfortunately. the first ps3s were backwards compatible but the slim ones are not. kind of bullshit considering people dont want a million game consoles just so they can play their games - because gta 6 will be ps4 and x1 only
    Hey Riproot. You replied to my thread about preferencing courses and said you had a document on your computer that compares all the Medical Science courses. Could you please PM it to me if you still have it? Thanks man.
    God knows when it'll be out on computer. It'll probably need a pretty good computer though
    I got gta v on release date haha. It's really good, so much better than gta iv, especially the little things like car handling
    Alrighty, thanks for the help Riproot. Really appreciate it man, tc.:)

    EDIT: So you're suggesting I just stay in Med Sci and try to blitz it along with easy electives?
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