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  • Hey,

    I saw a post sayin that you attended NYSF. I have district slections soon and I was wondering what sort of criteria they select students on? What did they ask you during the interview? I would love to attend so I'm trying to get a heads up on the slection process.
    Do you have any tips or anything?

    Wow......very hectic education program indeed,
    asian of course!!!! lol =)
    How's the HSC going for you?
    sorry.. i was reading one of ur posts and saw the subjects u do.... THAT IS CRAZZY!!
    hey, r u going to the tsfx trial seminars nxt week?? do u happen to noe if the chemistry ones are gud?
    btw..must check out my physic's pic album...funny shit from some sad physics nerd (not me)...found it on the net
    LOL....hi henry...i never knew u did the philosophy course at usyd..i got accepted 2 but i declined...hahaaa
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