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  • LOL hoping that I can do so..

    and I have legal studies on thursday. I wanna wing that too :p
    So shit.
    I forgot majority of the stuff so I BS hard. Hopefully I can SCRAPE a band 6. Thank god I'm 3rd.
    Hey man, during uni offers I got offered at Macq Uni, as well as UWS. I picked UWS because I live just 5 minutes away from it. For Macq, i'd have to catch a train for 2.5 hours there, and 2.5 hours back! UWS has its rep as a 'bad' uni, although there's nothing wrong AT ALL. It's only got it because they let in dumbasses that somehow make it into uni, but they all fail units and drop out before semester 2 lol.

    Regarding the course, I like it! During HSC my plan was to do engineering, and I could have, but right at the end I switched to business and commerce because I always wanted to do business (accounting) in heart :p. Nearly all unis for this course will have identical units. So you can say all of them are similar. Macquarie is a great uni for business courses, and I recommend you go to it. That is, unless you make it to UNSW or USyd, which I'd suggest you go to them instead haha. Of course you still need to put in the workload into your studies, but it's nothing too extreme.
    I thought it'd make sense that the spider would still be there because it was trapped in a window sill, but I went and the little cunt fucking legged it. dw there's always the mouldy sandwich....
    Hey :). Btw 4 hours of it is only efficient T.T... sad to say... the rest of 7 hours are spent on stronger subjects such as business studies or english....

    Im losing motivation though T.T which is bad... sigh T.T........ the hsc is stressing..
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