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  • you should go to the beach sometime.
    and who cares. the knights are winning and the panthers are crap.
    isn't that all that matters?
    lol. i dont remeber it being that cold at any stage.
    and we don't even have many heaters.
    probably because my school is closer to the coast?
    i see. my old school was pretty strict on uniform, so i didn't know anything else there. now, i can say that i don't really know what it's like to wear full school uniform.
    its good though. i hate the double collar action when im wearing the school blouse plus my jersey. very annoying. and school shoes, not comfortable at all.
    haha. that's quite funny. i think if they tried that at our school, people would just laugh in the administrations face and threaten to screw up the hsc = admin relenting to the pressure.
    awesome. the tigers had a good win on friday night but cant make the finals..

    our school tried to be 'tough' on uniform but epically failed. basically, you can wear whatever you want. jeans, random shorts, any shirt, hoodies, and whatever shoes, etc etc. the only uniform most year twelves wear are their jerseys.
    damn. that's ridiculous, almost getting suspended for hair colour. it appears that my school is a lot more relaxed abt things such as that.
    are you watching the knights game? they're going pretty well
    *natural - for the last post.
    guess you've got to weigh up the options in terms of regrowth and colour fading, like what will look better over a long period of time.
    what's wrong with your natural colour? i happen to have hair similar to that and think it's quite nice
    yeah i think im going to cut a few of these essays short.
    planning to dye your hair for formal? whats your naturel colour?
    i plan on writing those essays whilst on msn as per usual.
    and only one essay was set, the rest i thought would be a good idea to do. now though, im inclined to not think so.
    haha - well that's very nice.
    i went to do some practice hours at the swimming pool so i can become a fully qualified teacher. the kids were adorable XD
    and now i need finish a few essays :S
    that sucks.
    maybe just go for a bit and then say that your parents want you home at a certain time so then you can just leave.
    or, everyone could just not turn up and go somewhere else. now that would be good
    btw: its spelt demeaning
    good point for both topics.
    you could always just end up being *cough* *sick* she wouldn't know any better
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