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  • hmm not really intimidating for me...just really easy to get lost, like in a crowd. its really impersonal, you start to miss the togetherness of school.
    ergh, I know the feeling. despite the fact half of my school seems to have turned up at usyd, I still miss school lol.
    that's because I haven't been on for aaaages lol. hows uni life treating you?
    How was the lecture? Got carried away with other stuff that I just decided to skip it.
    Quite a mix of movies. I think they're usually comedy. There's something about being half asleep and watching all this funny stuff.
    Haha, I usually sleep around 12-1. Occasionally at 2 if I decide to watch a late movie.
    Haha, I hated that subject too! So glad that it's over now. :D

    I did Prelim and Grade 1 then dropped, lol. Do you do grades?
    Ahh, nice work. Someone must've been good at HSC English. :p

    It's probably better than mine. I can't remember how to play anything!
    Hey, how'd you know I have a second language? :p

    Wow, that's dedication! I can barely teach myself anything. I lack motivation but once I get some help starting off I'm good from there. Sometimes.
    I find it quite difficult to watch foreign films. Too much subtitles and trying to figure out what's going on.

    How long have you played the piano for? I used to play a bit when I was younger but I gave it up as there was no way I could commit to practising so much.
    Hey, thank you for asking how my day was. My day was great. :) Met a few friends and caught up and then went for a jog around the park. How was your day?
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