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  • I question the necessity of essays altogether though, in the work place you do presentations, write emails, discuss/meet, construct reports etc (grammar/vocab/speaking and listening foster these skills) but you don't write essays. Not sure about my thoughts on whether theory is over emphasised or not. They both compliment each other heavily though I agree practical is more valuable/worth more time in the majority of fields.
    Nothing there I don't agree with really. I'm all for student analysis and construction of meaning but not in such an ambiguous way as in English texts, especially to the extent at which you can take it. I remember one of the prescribed text authors came to our school and students were talking about the meanings of his stuff and he was like "I actually didn't intend for any interpretation like the one you presented, my meaning was *talks about something quite different*". Everyone sees different meanings and messages within the texts which imo just makes it too ambiguous and a waste. I completely agree no subject should be compulsory and that students should have the option for modern or older texts, probably with modern texts being the focus until they have the option.
    Hey I got a question m8,
    I was just wondering if you could expand upon what you meant by leftist education in that right wing groups of europe thread.
    As in what are some elements of education that you find to be too left for your liking?
    One week. I still don't know what I did wrong. I think some full blown Christian faggot reported my comments. ugh
    You should look up Jared Taylor on youtube. Another user (someone whose been extremely influential upon me) recommended him..the guy is a fucking god.
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