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  • lol im not usually on bos much in the holidays, i just came on here to get some help with my modern assignment. Then i saw you replied to my post i made like ages ago, that's why i've been on here alot lately, replying to your messages :) facebook is more addictive i think though. speaking of facebook/social networking services. do you have an msn i can add you on? you can pm me if you don't want to put it out into the public.
    omfg i hate that new law as well!! i've got sooooooooooo many people in my year who are gonna bring our ranks down single handedly (dunno how to spell that xD), they definately should've dropped out last year! what nationality are you btw?
    lol no thanks, i'd rather not embarass myself in front of my friends xD um no i don' do any sports outside of school atm. you? blacktown girls? didnt that turn like half selective this year?
    lol u actually copy/pasted the thing from wiki. hahaha. yeah i've heard biology scales you down unless you do like really well in it. hahaha i've got the exact same fear! except mine doesnt involve a train its just the fear that i wont be able to walk to school in time xD horse riding?!? wow! that is so cool! sounds awesome! yeah i can't imagine how hard it is to ride a horse, and it's not surprising that you fell off on your first go (not that your bad or anything :).) couple of my mates went easter show as well they said its a rip off too. what school did you go to last year?
    phycology is the study of the human life. I considered doing bio at one stage, but then my dad told me not to do it and it is heaps of memorising which im sure i wouldnt be able to cope with along with the memorising of eco and chem. Yeah my holidays are pretty good but then again boring, i've just been sleeping ALOT. probably cause i was deprived of about 10 hrs of sleep during my half yearlies. But yeah this week should be good, my mates from school and some other girls are getting together for a bbq at bicentennial park. nope, i didnt go easter show. did you?
    nope it isn't selective. but it used to be selective 15-20 yrs back (dunno why it chose to become non-selective, pretty stupid decision if you ask me) yeah i really wanted to do phycology which one of my mates at sydney tech gets to do. but oh well. ty for the add btw forgot to say it before xD hehe. so how are your holidays going?
    yeah, i'm pretty sure you do get 5 extra ATAR points. Well, thats what i heard from one of my language teachers at subject selection day last year. Apparently not many people are taking language so they are trying to incourage people to do it by giving you easy ATAR points. Yeah, you should probably look it up, don't just take my word for it :) Really? well you should've done history anyways since you enjoy it and do really well in it. I don't think history will help me with what i want to get into but i do it cause im good at it :) At uni? im not sure yet, trying to keep all options open atm. Accounting/Banking/Finance, Engineering, Executive/Management, Government, Pharmaceutical <---- thats what i wrote for what industry i want to get into in the "About me" section, so probably something there. What about you?
    really?!? ur finding ext english easier than adv? nice (Y) Yeah i heard you can get like an extra 5 ATAR points or w/e just by doing a language. I'll probably try to pick up adv english like next year, its too late to do it this year. Ext 2 Maths? hmmm i'm not sure, i guess it depends on how i go this year. wbu? But one ext course im planning to take next year is history, if i can.
    I guess i didnt pick it because i thought it was going to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay harder than the stuff we did in yr 10, but it pretty similar to the stuff we do in standard which isnt that different to what we did in yr 10. haha thanks for that, i dont think i can "ace" it but i'll do well in it. what do you do in saturday school? a language? how are you finding extension english? there are only 6 ppl in my school doing it.
    don't even get me started on my chem teacher. 2 weeks before the chem half-yearlies he handed out a find-a-word to do (WTF!?!) so i asked him, "sir, i think you made a mistake, we are in yr 11 not in yr 7" to which his response was "if you do not do these find-a-words properly then you shall fail you half-yearlies" at which moment everyone in the class is thinking is this fag stoned or what? and did i mention the fact that he NEVER gives us notes and ALWAYS tries to avoid difficult questions? Im pretty sure your chem teacher can't be as bad as mine ==" . My other subjects are okay, although im regretting not choosing advanced english. Modern and physics are probably my favourites atm, partially because i have the best teachers xD
    LOL really? I had my half yearlies the week before the holidays too! Haha. Yeah I see what you mean, don't listen to what the teachers have to say about each topic. Do it yourself and get your own perspective :) st Mary's senoir. Nice (Y) I knw sme ppl there. I go to homebush boys :) physics is okay. We just finished 'moving about' which apparently is the hardest topic, which means that it can only get easier from here on in :) which is very relieving. I'm doing pretty good at physics actually, get nice marks xD how are you finding physics? Or any other of your subjects for that matter? Oh and nice to see you've edited your subjects btw ;)
    oh right haha. Umm i'm finding year 11 okay, couple of subjects hard and some are pretty simple. LOL u srs ur just getting motivated now?!?! well i guess thats okay, as long as you haven't had your half-yearlies yet. What school do you go to?
    lol dw it didnt annoy me. I do that sometimes as well XD
    how you finding yr 10?
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