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  • This is the Pink song i was singing on the Bus YouTube - P!nk - Please Don't Leave Me

    I stopped it before, because i dunno, it seemed a bit intense, but for me, the words ring true....please don't leave me. For all you say you will dissapoint me, i think i will dissapoint you. I am horrible at keeping the things i need in my life close. I need you, i want you, and i'm sorry for the crappy bf i might end up being, I will try my very best
    Sort of yeah :p

    I got a present, bit you wouldn't be expected to, you've never even met her, your coany is present enough.

    Button up shirt would be nice, but you don't need to look smart - more snazzy
    Sort of yeah :p

    I got a present, bit you wouldn't be expected to, you've never even met her, your coany is present enough.

    Button up shirt would be nice, but you don't need to look smart - more snazzy
    Miss u love. Sowi I didn't get to see you tonight, i'll call u 2morow about stuff, but 5:30 in the city is probably the go.
    I'll talk to you soon (hopefully) love. And yeah..... I'm going to be a bitch and tell you u have to stay over on Friday night :p okay, won't be that much of a bitch but would really like you too, haven't seen u in like 3 weeks and in desperate need of your company
    Oh god, the art fags......they're almost as annoying as the literature fags...except art is more interesting....visual arts over english advanced, any day!! Fuck the analysing of texts..actually, any sort of fag is annoying once they reach a certain level of fagitoryness.....even animal fags deserve a kick in the ass sometimes...but yeah, well done! :p

    Lemme me know when you be free, and yeah lets all meet up.
    Thanks love. Miss you. xoxox. What's been happening? Looking forward to Friday (hopes we can make a long night out of it BIrthday sex ftw! :p I want spooning too!) enjoying the holidays? Also, leave it to me to realy like one of ur least favourite beatles songs :(

    ps can u spare half an hour at the pier tomorrow night? No worries if u can't
    But yeah, I miss you too....I miss the energy and spirit that seeps from within you lol, I realized from this most recent weekend that I enjoy the company of those kind of people the most...you like the original version of "8 Days A Week", don't you?..you hating a beatles song doesn't sound correct.
    Oh god, don't....I don't know how I managed to control my temper with those idiots, I wanted to fucking kill them all. XD

    LMFAO, thats so cruelly funny..but why the hell did you do that? hahahaha well i've been getting drunk with two of my girlfriends almost every weekend....we haven't done anything that clever/epic...just random stupid shit like one of my friends talking about how ugly and stupid Asians are....in Chinatown of all places. Haha, and saying "fuck you" to randoms....oh, and she hooked up with a 38 year old allegedly "gay" guy in Arq...oo, and I ran into two guys from my old school and managed to make out with both of them by the end of the night....you know, drunk shit like that...nothing too funny, just stuff you do when you're drunk haha.
    heya dear. Will confirm details for Friday on Thursday, but pencil in meeting outside my office around 5:30-6:00. Ugh, old tomorrow (FYI dinner at pub has been upgrade to fancy restrauntm whoooo). Hows holidays?
    Note to self:
    Wed June 30: Alex's B-day - Dinner at the Hunters Hill Hotel with family. Give my lovely bf a call

    Fri Jul 2: Dinner with Mo, Kate and others - in the city. Alex will confirm details on thursday
    I'm on the high part of the scale on the moment, so I shall enjoy it while it lasts. :p I had the funniest debate about depression on the BoS..some really thought provoking statements were made, such as "STFU you're infuriatingly dumb"....unfortunately, these brilliant arguments were not brought up by the BoS fags, so shame on you guys! :p Any funny/interesting stories to share from school or wherever? It's been a while since we've had a proper conversation.

    Omg, that song 8 days a week....you need to hear the American Idol version of it, it is SOOOO fucking funny!!

    YouTube - Kristy Lee Cook - Top 12 Performance
    Alex's mum has got it goin on
    she's all I've ever wanted
    I've waited for so long!
    Alex can't you see,
    you're just not the boy for me. (O__O LOL!!!)
    I know I could be wrong but
    im in love with alex's mum.

    Goodnight lovely :) Xx sleep well
    oh wait, confusion, lunch at work 1-2pm so perfect time to call, NFI when family dinner will be, also, read last message, it's true.

    I love you too jacob, so very, very much.

    If you ever needed proof that I love you it's that i was just dancing on my back porch on my own, to this playing in my ear (not the bit at the start, the song):

    YouTube - Scrubs "Eight Days a Week"- Beatles
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