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  • u said it she is amazing she has like a bajillion friends (seriously have u seen how many numbers r on her ph) and she manages 2 be there 4 all of them
    oh riles i miss her sssssoooooo much she is the best friend ive ever had she is everything a friend should be and more
    i cant wait 2 meet him face 2 face
    riles showed me ur video of u 2 the other day
    i cant believe how far u climbed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ohh i no i cant believe how lucky i was 2 meet gorgeous deacon he and his family r coming oer 2 stay here 4 a while but thats not 2 june so i miss him lots
    u poooor thing
    though i would trade places with u spending a yr in a foreign country a beautiful foreign country and meeting an awesome man who is claerly ur solemate
    u 2 were made 4 each other aawwwwwww
    gr8 my stay overseas was gr888888
    xcept i have 2 d0 yr 12 now argh all u guys r through it luccckky
    Hey hey heyyyyyyyy
    did u deck mike ?
    Ohhhh wat did u get 4 english assi?
    I meeting fin hopefully on fri u should come
    soz that u feel i am neglecting u as a virtual friend
    ha u make me laugh
    awww that message was soo sweet ;)
    ur are my bestie 22222222222 awwww
    hows that boyfriend of urs the one that i have NOT met!!!!!!!
    he sounds soo sweet awwww but then again is it an act .......................
    oooo stay tuned when i met him i`ll suss it out heee
    ohhh i now micheal jackson sooo sad yes i love his songs
    top ones of the top off my head
    beat it
    don`t stop
    i could go on
    yes i do mean it i know and like the king of pop songs
    antyways don`t neglect ur virtual friend reply
    where were u sat ?
    did u have 2 babysit or something?
    i didn`t hear all about ur hol
    and no if it was a shopping trip i am soo not jealous
    big boy race? BIG BOY RACE
    i am the captain of the big league and it isn`t some go cart race its actual cars lol so ur not allowded to call it that ha
    blondie moment couln`t u find the event with banners and streamers and what not
    tst tst ur school must be droppping their standards if they gave u ist in english award
    yes my mouth is wide open in horror
    ha yes that is true
    wat do u think of mj did u like his songs?
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