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  • There's really no way to tell until you're older, more mature, or start working etc. it's tough...

    Imo the structure of SENG seems a bit more restrictive, I'd defs go for COMP over it.

    Yeah, I definitely see the value of having a back up. Like I was thinking that I could have commerce as a backup but it's actually so competitive. I'm so passive and I really don't think I'll stand a chance against all the other grads who are 100x more passionate about what they do tbh. Will probably continue with it nonetheless.

    In terms of careers, are you leaning more towards one degree over the other?

    Pretty sure a lot of people here have stalked you down hehexd
    True that. There's no harm in doing two completely different things, but for me I just don't know if commerce is right for me?

    Like even when I was 14/15 I was always semi-interested in coding, and messed around a bit with it, but I never saw myself in business. Somehow I kind of drifted into it though? Because of my parents and also the fact that my school didn't offer any tech-y HSC subjects. Business is really practical and I have some interest in it but I don't think it's for me sadly. Even when I was working full time last year, I would just mush through the day, come home and try and learn programming related stuff at night. I don't think my attitude is right and my focus is so split

    Dw, you'll survive. Gratz on deans list ;)
    Having done subjects from both sides I feel like they're so different :c

    Why do you say 'don't ditch the commerce' though?

    Still in actuarial?
    Undecided hahaha. I'm still studying commerce but thinking of transferring into combined computer science/commerce or dropping out of commerce completely

    How's uni??
    Hi leehuan!
    umm I was just wondering if u had any advice on the HSC?? Like I mean what to expect, how to study and that... :)
    Sorry if its like outta nowhere but I saw one of ur posts and would really like ur help :)
    Hello!! I saw someone on here and I thought I would ask: I am so worried about graduating High School, I have no idea what I am going to do next year, I am considering a Liberal Arts degree, however there seems to be no job opportunities for that course! HELP!! Any Advice is welcome!!
    i reveal everything because i have nothing to hide
    "where there is light, there is darkness"
    I'll PM you my real name then :p and I think we're already friends here on BoS (or do you mean facebook)? ON second thought I better not call you by your real name for safety reasons...

    Oh that is very flattering >< Thank you very much to you and your friends. There's heaps of very wonderful people here on BoS and I'm sure you and your friends are all a part of them :) Let's continue this chat on PM haha
    Nawww thank you so much Leehuan (or should I call you by your real name :D )! Yeah, it will take some time for me to rebuild my resources but I will offer them as soon as I can.

    Oh I have a reputation here at BoS? ^__^ I'm pretty sure you're more famous than I am haha
    I know it sucks very badly :( Can't even offer my free services now because my essays and other good feedback material is unaccessible.

    It's upsetting because there was a whole roster of students I needed to help... ><
    HAHA I'm so busy with organising my life atm and my laptop lost a lot of HSC info I have asdfhjkl

    btw are you active on the UNSW discussion group? I can kinda guess who you are :p
    Then stop playing melodic minor and experience Eb natural minor the way it was meant to be experienced ;)
    Are you kidding Eb minor is the easiest, especially for ZUN-esque improvisations. Just get the Eb m, Db, Cb, and Bb chords down and you're pretty much set. :p
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