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  • I just found Martini's textbook online for $1.00. I'll bid on it, I won't lose any great amount of money, even with postage and handling lol. Did you get that textbook?
    I was speaking to a postgrad student, they said that the textbooks are always onloan when you want them.
    I have the anatomy prac before you. I was about to go upstairs too, but I noticed most first years stayed downstairs.
    Quick question: did you read pgs 497-502 from Psychology & Life? If you did, did you read about Bipolar disorder, or just depression?
    And yesh, I have facebook. Add me: www.facebook.com/shakethytailfeather
    Mmm, I know!! I bought the McMinn's Atlas when I was studying for Anatomy and omgish, it was so helpful! I get all the bones and stuff, but I think I'll be overwhelmed when we start talking about ligaments of the shoulder and stuff.
    And OMG, YES, I have started reading that. SO.MUCH.SHIT! Took me a whole night to get through it. So, now I know not to get behind in pysch.
    And yes, they're incredibly expensive. So for semester 2, I shall be buying them online. Frak spending $500 for just one semester, thats silly.

    Nah, I didn't touch it. I did, however, see a head being dissected when I was walking out. Had a good ol' chat with the people dissecting it. What time is your BIOS1168 Prac on thursdays?
    Yeah, first day was okay. I arrived a little late for the BACH1161 lecture in the morning (finding it was a little bit of a bitch). I really like Anatomy, but because I was sitting by myself in a bright T-Shirt when Reed started asking people for answers, I was like "o.m.g". He didn't ask me though...
    It would be quite funny if we've ran into each other already :p
    Do you have your BIOS1168 prac tomorrow? I'm trying to find if there are prac notes to print off, but I can't find any...
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