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  • ohh lol soz, i guess it wasnt so *back in the day* heh :p
    Ohh kwl.
    Ohh its just a shit box to practice on but with rego and insurance and everything it gets pretty expensive.
    do yu drive?
    Ohh nice. I wanna go to a full on party so badly. :eek: Havent been to a gud party in ages.

    wow. 6AM :O Thats lucky.

    Nm. Just at school atm. Last night i went and trained at the park. Meh im in BSA atm.
    OMG i think i have the flu. :( Ive sneezed like 6times today. And stupid sinus. :eek:
    lol. I shouldve continued taking garlic capsules, they wouldve prevented this from happening :(
    ahaha yeh ;) Nwz. lol
    Kwl. we both did/do eco, adv eng and maths... did yu do 2u? I do these three subs plus legal, BSA and SOR1u. :p

    Wow. Thats good. What *as they called it back in the day* UAI did yu get?

    Uhh maybe? :eek: the original plan was to have a massive 16th a reception cause i thought i wouldnt be able to have an 18th cause of HSC. Now this year i realise my bday isnt around the HSC exams, so yeh now i needa get out my law/debate/convince/suck up skills. :p lol But the other thing is that my rents just bought me a car for my l's and i sorta feel bad to place too many expenses on them atm...

    hehe watcha been up to?
    Ohh yeh.
    Yes OMG lovvee BONDI. Best beach out! :p very sxc guys there every summer ;) Umm other examples... Parramatta Westfields, lol jkz
    Ohh thats not fair. U should put on innocent eyes and say "i wont cause any trouble sir, i promise" hehe. My friend is currently talking to a bouncer. lol Maybe we can arrange it, hehe.
    Ohh kwl. Im 17, will be 18 in about 3months :p Cant wait :p

    Yeh, will try.

    What subs did yu do?
    lol. I would hook yu up but he's moved to Port Maquarie for a year, although he will be back next year. hehe.

    lol Kings cross? heh dont even wanna know why thats the only place yu go! lol SYdneys got some other nice landmarks...hehe other than the Cross.
    Why? lol. Yu should go with one or two girls.
    Ahaha id come to ur club ;)
    Ohh kwl, my cuzs are mostly into construction...good money there hehe.

    Im in yr 12. I want to do a Com/Law degree next year.

    How old r yu?
    lol. Ohh okay. hehe hard to tell over the net. :p

    Yeh...he worked with Arnold for a while while he was in the US.

    Ohh kwl. What are yu doing at uni?

    Ohh wow, that should be good. lol. Yu will definatley be asked if yur Lebo a whole lot more down here. :p
    lol. Was that sarcasm. :eek: hehe

    wow. Yu didnt look it, lol i thought u looked a lil Middle Eastern. hehe Mustve been the haircut. lol :p

    Yup. He is/was. He trained in America for years. Wow bodybuilding comp? Good luck.

    Yes i am :) Western suburbs to be precise :eek: wbu?
    Hmm... impressive. lol Yu work out heaps ay? My uncle is a bodybuilder :p

    I am Australian *born here, so were my rents* however my grandparents are Lebanese.

    Ahaha... :shy: lol. Yu mustv said something i really really agreed with. I swear i dnt usually go round rep'ing ppl and leaving THAT comment. lol :eek:

    To be honest... i dont, i mean i did, but i deleted it cause its such a distraction and this is our HSC year. :eek: BOS is distraction enough. lol

    Ohh i must say 'wow, very nice' hehe didnt think anyone on BOS looked like that! lol Wheres yur head? :p
    Yes. I do! Ummm... I'm new to all of this. I've had it for yonks, but got into it outta boredom. Anywho, I don't know how to pm here. But here it is - neomai-220@hotmail.com tc dude x
    Sorry, I had a bit of a cold. I predict your ATAR to be 71.20. Work up on your maths =)

    Although now that I look at the prediction, I'd say 75-80 is probably what you will get. 71.20 is from "the system", 75-80 from gut feeling.
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