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  • i would but then again anything distracts me , might aswell be facebook lol , chemistry is for homosexuals :D , ahhah do you do it ? hows your results going , done all your term 2 assesments yet?
    It's traditional. I mean if you're wearing your shirt it can disadvantage you because your opponent could grab it and use it to pull you down to the ground.
    Uhh I'm a boy.....it's all right for boys to take off their shirts, tackle each other and sit on each other but if a girl was doing that to a boy then it would look so wrong.
    Kathy you're so clueless I'd be very surprised if you actually had a brain in the first place. Obviously Omar can't brainwash someone with no brains. Oh yeah and if Omar was a moron then it would make me a genius which I am. That moron Omar is just jealous of my ingenious. Why else does it stalk me during school hours?
    Omar is a moron. Nobody should be friend with Omar, including you Kathy. Omar has brainwashed you. You'll never get Jake because he's protected by the powerful barriers of the SRC.
    Because Omar won't post something. If she does then I may consider it. Anyway when are you going to break your friendship with Omar? Oh yeah and post something again. Your posts are interesting to play around with.
    Yeah Kathy, the Student Rebellion Cult . You can start the DDC; The Doreen Defence Cult. You, Omar, Thanu and all those morons who like her (or at least pretend to because don't forget that Omar and Thanu both got their parents to complain as well) can join and rival my cult but you'll obviously lose.
    cool my page has had 19 visits and i didnt do anything ;P
    stupid school's spacebars make me go back and press the spacebar even harder --'
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