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  • oh wow, yeh i did some work experience in medical imaging it was quite interersting. 6 years though, wow! I didn't realise it was that long; i thought it was only about 4. Are you from Sydney?
    Romulus, My Father for belonging.
    Hamlet for critical study
    Frankenstein and Bladerunner
    and The Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes.

    What about you? Unlike most people i absolutely adore English.
    Yep, we're doing Skrzynecki (I'm sort of liking it :p), and also Frankestein + Bladerunner.
    Good luck for this year ;)
    I'll have you know that i have never trolled in my life.
    Thanks on the compliment(?) for being funny though <3
    Oh i see. Well i don't want to offend you but that's probably because the teachers were marking easy - not to HSC marking standards.
    Tis a top 100 school and although last year was an epically dumb year, we managed to get 13 band 6s for english. School is strong at english. Why do ya ask?
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