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  • Hahaha... the Twilight Zone was a bad 60's sci-fi show. If you're up for a laugh I suggest you search the Twilight Zone theme song in youtube. :)
    So far, my holidays are boring. Just been doing same stuff over and over again and it's getting really repetitive! But I'm actually looking forward to school next year. Haha, what do you get tutored in? You should have fun while it lasts.. :p
    For sure, ANU as I love Canberra (pretty rare) - it is right their in the thick of politics and chances are I'll land a staffers job with an MP(possibly) That is why it would be good to be in Canberra. I want to move out of Sydney that is why! Definately keep me posted on what you reckon, how your doing, the syllabus etc etc etc
    Mate, my aim is to get into Law at ANU - just whether I can get the 95 or not - I would be keen to sit that bonus test! If I cannot pull of 95 I need atleast 88, with 3 bonus points can get into UOW. Best of luck and keep in contact on how you are fairing!
    Hey there - Well I didn't find it too horrendous. You have to actually enjoy school to be willing to put in the work for them, and I guess another part is it depending on how well you actually want to go in HSC. My school is a top 10 so I suppose it's a bit different, but at the end of the day the workload is easily manageable as long as you're enjoying it all enough to be willing to put in the time. I still found that I had time to do a million other co-curricular activities, as well as have a life on the weekend. So, yep. So long as you're prepared to put in the effort, then go for it. If you're just doing them for the sake of doing them, then don't bother. More than the subjects, or your school, I guess it ultimately depends on you :)
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