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  • WOAH 4U maths, nice :)
    You've basically picked the highest scaling subjects. So what's your ATAR aim?
    I'm not completely sure, i'll ask my mate and get back to you.
    Luckily business subjects have like half the workload :D
    My HSC subjects were: Standard English, General Maths, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Modern yep for some reason I chose the crappy scaling subjects :p

    Which subjects are you doing?
    Honestly, it depends on the person. Sure you can have somewhat of a life if you get lazy, but if you want to get good marks, going out isn't easy.
    Both sound really good :D
    Yeah they have intense workloads, mates go to USYD, and they are always packed with work.
    The hours are long, 5 days a week, plus the units are pretty damn hard, that's what i've heard from them.
    Chemical or civil engineering? Ive got a few friends who do civil and apparantely it's quite intense...
    I'd really like to get into the marketing sector, specifically advertising :D
    So what are you planning to study after high school?
    Math 1A is fairly easy ( just goes through hsc maths and corrects all the mistakes you have been taught at high school, just technical definitions and more in depth definitions of the natural log, or integration etc and intro to matrices (they are fairly easy)) cept for complex numbers there is little 4 unit (there is integration by parts and implicit differentiation but thats it). You should be more worried about the new style of questions in physics, it is like 95% maths, its not hard maths (not hard eqns to solve) but actually finding the eqns to solve is the hard bit. i have only done first semester so i dont know the full story, also if do engineering you have to do computing and trust me thats a bitch!
    Wow lol, nice choice, you'll fit right into engineering with those subjects :D

    I did SDD, 2 unit maths, advanced english, IPT, business and S&C only 2 of which actually came in handy for my course :p
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