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  • I don't even know who I'm talking to, how do you expect me to talk properly. It feels as if I'm talking to a wall.
    my name is something i did not choose for myself and is a source of inauthenticity as i technically do have the freedom to change my name but i am restricted by parental related angst.

    haha i feel bad. but then again carmot would probably not care whereas i do and i don't want you to go rummaging into any yearbooks trying to find my name :)
    heh. i'd better not say who cecilymare is. first five letters is my nickname, though you probably didn't know it.
    You have sat next to me, you have talked to close acquaintances of mine but i'm not sure if you've ever laid eyes upon me

    carmot is carmo t
    Carmen T
    hey if u still need help with stuff just add me on msn asv_ferrari@msn.com and just spam me with questions or watever lol gudluck with year 12 bro
    *sigh* I don't remember, probably deserved the neg anyway. What post was it?

    btw, you have no repping power. Your neg = 0
    Hope_ if you wanna talk to someone post on THEIR page by clicking 'reply' on the bottom right corner of the message

    or you will be ronery
    So, in other words, after I took up a Yr 12 Chem class all my classes have rearranged. By the way, who is this Cecily Mare? I'm guessing that's not your real name right?
    Lols, post on my wall so I know when you are talking to me..

    You signed up last year and you only used it again a few days ago? Nice..
    Done your Ngo&Sons Homework? Integration? Simpson and Trapezoidal Rules??
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