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  • Hey there,

    I noticed that you completed the BOH course, and was wondering if you could maybe help me out in understanding some features about the course?

    How difficult was the PQA test? I've heard that it is similar to UMAT, although easier. Would you recommend any form of studying/preparation?

    I also noticed that the ATAR cut off this year was removed a few weeks ago on the usyd website (it was 72.55), would you have any idea as to why that happened? I assumed that since additional criteria is needed (PQA/MMI), that is the reason, although now I'm not sure as to what ATAR I should aim for.

    I really am interested in Dentistry as a whole, and even if I don't make it to post-grad dentistry, I wouldn't really mind working as a dental hygienist/therapist, so any help would be appreciated :)
    Hi! Thanks for the reply, I totally forgot about my post! Well I got the interview and today's the day the offers come out at 9pm. How's oral health do you like it? And do you have any idea why the class cohort for oral health is so small? I heard its going to be 40 this year!! Anyways thanks for the info :)
    Hello hkx92,

    I took the pqa test on the 14 of november and I'm freaking out until the invites for interviews come out. Can you please tell me if the invites come with the results or if the invites come first? It's the29 th today and the interview is one week away. Is there any chance they haven't sent he interview invites yet? I'm so anxious waiting for it. I check my email frantically every hour, everyday.

    Thanks for your help.
    Working for at least a year does sound good as BOH graduates do earn quite a bit of money.
    I'll be able to pay off UNI during that time.
    So even with a 90+ ATAR and a solid PQA result i still am unlikely to get into the course.
    Personally would you recommend doing Medical Science if you had to start again?
    Seeing as you are currently doing the BOH course (i presume) or you have finished it.
    Would you consider it a suitable choice?
    I've gotten past the exam and interview. Fingers crossed i get in.
    What was your UAI?
    Are you going for Dentistry afterwards?
    I'd actually be happy working in Oral Health (if i don't make Dentistry).
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