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  • Hi Champion!
    Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Zammit, a teen confidence coach and tutor in English at high school and university level. I offer free videos and tips on excelling in English at my site excelinenglish.com.au
    All you have to do is subscribe for the first chapter of my ebook 7 Ways to Stop Falling Asleep in Class. Sooooo helpful!
    I also want to offer you my Master Public Speaking Course on Udemy at 75% discount.
    Here is your coupon- https://www.udemy.com/master-public-...tudiesstudents (only $5)
    I am a very caring mentor to have. If you need anything, please reach out via Udemy (a site you will adore!) or my website.
    I think in the end I got a decent timetable

    3 days per week and I left lunch time break between the days :D
    Lol that's cool

    So how do things work at USyd? I heard that you had to enrol irl. For UNSW I spent 1 hour making my timetable and stressing out about it LOL (once I understood how everything was done all the good tute times were gone ._.)
    Nice. Did you apply for that flexible entry thing? (forgot what it was called, but it gave 5 bonus points I think)
    I forgot tbh :L

    I've decided to stick to what I was planning to do since 2011 which is Commerce at UNSW. The reason why I stopped taking the hsc seriously was because I got an ATAR estimate of 97.8 in half yearlies and I thought I could scrape into my course with a 92 atar given the 5 bonus points LOL. I received a pleasant surprise when HSC marks came in.
    Ahh ok. Yeah I was extremely happy with my mark since I just stopped taking the HSC seriously midway. (I was sure I would get 92 before the HSC marks came out lol)
    May I ask u why u deleted the chemistry thread after i helped u? I had another method in mind (a more logical and proper one) when i woke up in the middle of the night and was gonna post it up this morning, but the thread was gone... Why did u delete it?
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