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  • Haha don't worry- I can be nice sometimes... If you're lucky...
    I so wish I was going as well with my History Extension stuff as you seem to be with your English! I'm still writing my essay, but I'm finding myself very easily distracted. For example, right now. And I sometimes realise I haven't typed a single word for five minutes because I've preferred to sing along to Jack Johnson (his songs are so relaxing...) I'll knuckle down and finish soon enough though. I hope.
    I hope your holidays are going better than mine!
    A games addict? I think not! I just enjoy shooting strangers with a laser gun :)
    Wow your holidays sound like they're going to be relaxing. I'm quite disappointed cause I'm going to have to do 5 assignments and TONNES of homework. But then I'm going to Brisbane briefly, and maybe somewhere after that with my family so that makes it a bit more bearable to think about. I still have to survive another week of school first though (stupid 11 week term... AHHH!!!)
    I'm finally replying!
    The Ancient History study days weren't actually too bad. A couple of the lectures were SUPER boring, but the trip itself was quite entertaining. Me and a couple of friends went completely crazy which made it even better. And we went to laser skirmish twice (only one guy from my school beat me both times... but I maintain that it was because he was taking his anger out on strangers... I'll show him up eventually... I hope...)
    How've you been? Looking forward to the holidays? Cause I certainly am!
    Gap years are good. My best mate's fiance took one and he basically saved a house deposit in 15 months picking mushrooms and driving a forklift. Now he's at uni doing urban planning.

    Don't go to uni and do something you hate.
    Ahaha. I never considered a gap year as i knew what i wanted to do career wise. Plus, the 4 months or so between end of HSC exams and start of uni was plenty of time for me to bludge XD

    Yep, i'll PM my msn addy to you right now :)
    Haha just cause I seem like an "intelligent young woman" does not mean I am. The internet can be very deceiving...
    It surprisingly IS a bit of consolation that other people waste their free lessons. I'm so terribly lazy that I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow morning instead of going to school just to sit in the library and do nothing. Gosh I love having my P's.
    I go to Murdoch in Perth. Its not Go8 or anything, but it was the only uni bar Notre Dame that would let me combine my weird combination of degrees (I am the only person in the uni that studies that combination, how special am I?)

    I still have no idea what got me interested in HRM in the first place :rolleyes:
    My rather amusing comment? Holy frick I cannot remember what I said. Oops.
    I'm quite annoyed at the moment cause my mum and sister convinced me to register for the UMAT test. Personally I don't think it's worth it because I'm still unsure what I want to do and I'm not really willing to study for it or do the practice tests... Stupid tests and exams!! Relaxing is so much better. Which is why I'm bludging at the moment instead of using my free lessons wisely.
    Ahahahaha GG. I'm sure you'd pick it up as you go along anyway :)

    10 different careers? oO
    Yeah, a gap years sounds like a good idea in your casee XD Go get a job or something :p
    haha I like HRM, I've been exposed to a little bit at work and it really looks like something I want to get into. I love doing the training/reviews etc at work haha.
    I want a cushy state government job though.

    Arts at Usyd looks good :) If I lived in NSW I'd totally be at usyd, haha.
    I added you on msn anyway... I think. I haven't used it for so long that it's confusing me! Stupid technology...
    I'm only going on the study day cause our teacher reckons it'll be really good. So our whole class is making a trip of it. Another super long train trip... But the last one was quite fun.
    I don't want to have a gap year cause I want to get out of uni as quickly as possible, though I want to travel in my holidays. I've been to Japan before- it's pretty crazy over there. The crepes are so yummy!! But I hated the rest of the food. (We stayed at a vegetarian Buddhist Temple for a couple of days and I had to live off plain rice. Not too fun.) I much preferred my trip to NZ- the scenery was so awesome!
    I do have msn but I NEVER use it... And you probly don't want to visit Moree. There's not much around here!
    You think you'll miss school but I promise that you won't. I had a bit of a sulk for the first couple of days after graduation, and then the night after my last exam, but that was it. Probably helped by the fact that I got my P's two days after my last exam :D

    I'm studying Arts/Commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management, International Studies and Politics. Bit of a mixed bag huh ;)
    Haha I'm glad you think my topic is interesting. I just hope my teacher does too.
    Hmmm my future studies... I did want to be an editor/author for so long then about a year and a half ago I changed my mind and since then I've been thinking of doing something more science related. (Like maybe Biomedical Science, although I'm still not sure...) I still want to travel and visit all the ancient sites in Italy and Greece etc though, and one of my sisters says she'll come with me so that's a bonus.
    We just went on an English excursion to Sydney and saw Hamlet. Personally, I thought the highlight of the trip was playing laser tag at Darling Harbour and buying so much stuff (there are no shops in Moree...), but it was still a pretty good production.
    Are you doing any study days at unis or anything else interesting? I've got an Ancient History one coming up in June at Sydney (3rd Sydney trip in a month. Fun.)
    wow, i'm impressed :)
    i'm good, just got home from work. its exam season though so i better not go out :(
    and you?
    Lunch time lessons? I think I'd hate that. I like eating too much to want to ruin it with more school work. I was very undecided about my project at first... I wanted to do something to do with the French Revolution, then changed my mind to something about Troy, then after I read a fantasy book I really liked I decided to focus on witchcraft and so I settled on the North Berwick Witch Trials which happened a couple of hundred years ago. I'm still not entirely satisfied but too late now! I like ancient history a lot better so I don't know why I didn't focus on it.
    If you're such a history buff, does that mean you want to do something to do with history in your future?
    Ahahaha fair enough XD
    Oh sweet. I would love to go to Japan on student exchange or something like that but i don't speak the language :'(

    My life is gah. I'm super cold and i haven't had a proper sleep in ages. On top of that, i keep on procrastinating T.T

    How about you?
    Oh i see. That's too bad :(
    But then again, maths is all about concepts on paper but getting the right answer if of course ideal XD

    Methinks i'm a bit half half. I <3 humanities especially modern history and politics. Philosophy forms a large part of by day dreaming activites ^_^

    Oooooo gap year. Be sure you're doing something though otherwise you'll be bored out of your minds like some people i know :/
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