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  • Double law is the best thing I can get into for money. I got an offer for optom by said no cuz I can't sit and help people all day
    Do lots of people drop law even at unsw? And also what do law with. Also do you know if b com by itself is useless due to oversupply.
    I just think there is not much point if you don't end up liking a course and doing it for the sake of prestige... and there's other degrees that can help you get more money than law. I do law at UNSW, not USYD.
    Hi there, I think there is a difference between legal studies and a law degree though, in the sense that legal studies is often a lot more about theory, but law can be more about what is in the actual provisions and going into a lot more depth into what the cases are. Yes it can get boring and unengaging if it is an area of law you are not interested in or you dislike the assessments for any reason. This is given there is 11 compulsory law areas you must learn about before you can choose your electives, ranging from criminal law to commercial law to federal constitutional and administrative law. But this can happen in any degree (lack of engagement). I do encourage you to try it out if you don't know what you want to do and think this might be for you.
    All the best of luck in your decision and remember, if you feel law isn't for you, drop it quickly rather than endure misery.
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