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  • Hey :D I was looking at a certain thread and saw your comment-- Congrats on your awesome ATAR btw :) -- and just out of curiosity, what school did you go to? Or at least could you tell me the rough ranking of your school? Thank you heaps :D

    Pariah .
    hey steady eddy how you going mate? me and me old m8 kozak92 are in desperate need of some IPT notes so any chance you can chuck him that e-mail? would be much appreciated champ.
    take care brutha and great results btw.
    Haha yeah our school fails at teaching IPT as well :( I'd very much appreciate it if you could email your notes!

    I don't know if my email shows in my profile or not but just in case:


    Congrats on the awesome ATAR btw.
    Hey man I saw that you received a pretty swell mark for IPT! I'm finding the course incredibly boring atm, any tips on making it the whole way? Did you find doing text book work was better than practical?
    Hey man,
    I read in a thread ... can you send me the tsfx notes for advanced english?
    my email is: genius.215@hotmail.com
    Umm yeah that would be cool. I'm doing Multimedia Systems and Transaction Processing Systems.
    congrats man! :) woo hoo all over red rover!!!
    what course u planning on doing?

    ps ill pm u add my new msn.. i deleted that other shit one lol

    Well thankyou for the warning.
    I shall be more aware when crossing the streets and my general road safety, to avoid

    *deer noises*
    Oh cool, haha bucket hat xD
    Lol well i went to willoughby girls but i'm moving to cheltenham next year (pink uniform)
    and yeah thats fine :)
    my email is jessica.ho93@live.com
    enjoy your time in melbourne and thanks a lot :D
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