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    They got the easiest 2 and 3unit papers in 11years and they still screwed it up XP
    oh I mean if you put it up on my profile page it will notify me, if you put it on your own page it wont..

    You can remove everything yourself, all you have to do is click the little tick box on the top right side of each post (next to report) and scroll down the page and then click on moderation tools --> delete --> proceed and you're done.
    oh cmon, you seem nice, and what does it matter what MG says...? sorry for belated reply on this, I can't really tell if you write something if it's done on your page.. if it was on my page I would get a notification :/

    Justice & religion . . .

    Can't understand. What's this in relation to?? What comment did I post? which thread?
    Hi Drongoski!
    You've been helping so many people with their maths questions in the maths forums, you deserve the rep! :D All the best to you! ^^
    Hello there :)

    Regarding to what you've done to deserve the rep, you've helped out so many people on this forum, and you're one of the most helpful people on here, genuinely, so it was just for that.

    And I wish you the best of luck for your sessions, keep up the good work, the world needs more people like you :D
    I do Extension 1 math prelim.
    How much are your rates, and do you charge them higher, the furthur the distance of one's home?
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