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  • lol same xD I was planning on doing some excersises to cope up with prelim year but then I kept on putting it off until 2014 xD

    Now I'm just trying to pretend it's still 2013 :D I'll wake to reality's call when school starts ;)
    Hahaha I went to Darling Harbour with the fam for the fireworks. It was pretty amazing :) The 12am ones were kinda disappointing though. Or maybe my expectations are too high? xD

    I feel you dude. Last year, I tried so hard to stay up only to fall asleep ~11:30? Soo close and yet so far :( I reckon sometimes the phrase describes my life pretty well lol
    <3 'sup? :D

    Happy late New year C: Best of luck for 2014 XD c: I hope you don't mind me stalking your page =P
    Yess haha I have a twin sister xD Most days I wouldn't trade her for the world but sometimes ... lol. I'm sure the feeling is mutual hahah ;)
    Did you see the fireworks on NYE?
    Woah that's pretty... intense xD So you're a black belt too?

    I tried taekwondo once and left quite satisfied after I kicked the kicking-bag-thingo from a black belt's hands xD Although admittedly after doing that I promptly fell on my backside lolol.

    LOL @ your sister, how old is she?
    Well.. most of my friends are in this class and also looking at my report I haven't really done anything miserable, mostly As & Bs with like one C. :) My school only offer higher level classes in Maths and English, other subjects are done the same regardless of class. I use to be in the Advance class for English but i decided to drop because i thought it was too much work. But i guess the main reason why i never changed was because i didn't have any problem with the class I was in, i mean i don't get bullied but neither am I the popular one lol. It's all cool :)
    Yeah it is, our school has something similar to that but I've never really taken the opportunity ( my maths teacher has asked me multiple times if i wanted to move classes ). Thing is I've learn to live with the students in the class, so doesn't really matter.. to be honest there is another class that is even worse then the one I'm currently in lol. :)
    Yeah true.. The class I'm in is known for being one of the worst in our whole year group. :( I run into a lot of jerks especially in my English class, god 90% of them don't care about others, but I've had some pretty good friends who share similar interests as I do. Since I go to a private school we pay quite hefty fees and I feel like those students are wasting other peoples money by disrupting their learning. Similar to your school, most of our grade really do care about their learning and want to succeed in life . :D
    Yep that's right and it's also a catholic school. :) I remember our school did have girls.. this was just a few years before i was in high school but i'm not sure what happened. I think it was because we didn't have enough girls applying so they just scrapped it. My school is also the only boy school in the area, the other being a girl school which is public. There is a co-ed school close where i live but it has an extremely bad reputation, the majority of students there don't even care about their education.. ( I have friends at this school and i went here through an orientation program in year 6 )
    I remember the yr 12 doing muck ups when I was in yr 8. They wore skirts and had makeup on, it was a laugh. :D I go to a boys only school so it was quite obvious but if i was in a co-ed school, man i would have a hard time telling who's who lol. Some guys did it really well i have to admit. :) Another time everyone in the class would have their jumpers on, the teacher would be writing something on the whiteboard and one guy would give the signal for everyone to take their jumpers off. The teacher would look back and be like WHAT THE HELL ! :spzz:. That was 2 years ago, however last year I don't think we had any muck up days only a formal. I think it was up to the year coordinator that year soo.. but nothing bad has ever happen during muck ups :)
    You must enjoy science subjects ? I like science ( history a bit more though.. lol ) but my science teacher i have is useless and i have to learn everything by myself at home. I ended up just passing my half yearlies.. Medicine does sound interesting which is why i'm considering it as a possible degree after i finish the HSC. :)
    Yeah same.. Best of luck getting 85.35+ :) what course are you interested in ? I'm thinking of either doing Medicine or Commerce :)
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