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  • haha well i gotta agree with you there.. its the least interesting of my subjects but still its easy so thats the good thing about it.. hopefully it stays easy and not just suddenly go really hard.. otherwise im screwed. Bio is gonna be soo much fun though XD
    hmm yea eco and bio along with mx2 is gonna be tough to handle with all the content and concepts, but I'll be keeping all my subjects mainly coz i find them interesting..
    wat do you mean it depends on math??? like are u not so sure if ur gonna do well in it?

    hahaha dw dw,, like almost EVERYONE has the same view as you about english, it takes up A LOT of time, especially for someone like me who isn't naturally talented at it lol....imo it was my hardest subject lol

    OMG lol ur bringing back all these prince of tennis memories lol,,,,hahahah i LOVED those chibi episodes, they were freakin hilarious!!! however still didn stop me from hating horio lol,,,and that tomo-chan girl that always hung out with sakuno lol
    hahaha yea i guess its sorta weird, but once in the exam, i find i dun really get bored,,,i guess it's cos im actually focused for once,,,and so yea i get to enjoy the questions in a way LOL (i guess im sort of a retard lol). But yea ive only had english so far, and i was fair happy, especially cos im not that strong in english lol

    HAHAHAHAHAHA omg dun worry Horio PISSED THE HELL OUTTA ME!!!! i hated that guy!! lol but i enjoyed the series, was just SO DAMN FUNNY =P

    btw if you ever have any questions about ur subjects (minus economics lol) dun hesitate to ask =]]
    xD....hmmmmm yes the remaining exams =S ....tbh i quite enjoy doin the exams lol, particularly 4u, it's just studying for them that is disinteresting lolol

    hahahahahahahaha i see you know PoT!!!! xD xD I LOVED THAT SHOW!!!! (in summary YES i am a fan!!!)....i know it's echizen in my avatar,,,,but my fav was MOMO xD xD did you watch it???
    sickkkkkk you doin the same subjects next year that i did this year xD (cept economics lol) good luck for them....theyr VERY enjoyable xD xD
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