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  • Hi Nicholas. I am extremely interested in buying your business studies notes, English essays/reports etc. Please get back to me asap. Thanks in advance. :)
    Hi Nicholas. I am very keen on buying your Economics and Business Studies notes/ essays/ reports (all 27 of them). Can you please fill me in with any further details e.g. the total cost, the payment method etc.? Thanks. I look forward from hearing from you!
    hey can you e-mail me at , i don't really know how to use this website much but i do economics, business studies and english advanced so please e-mail me if you can
    Don't know if my messages got to you - my email is Looking forward to essay once money goes through, thanks.
    My private messages are playing up for some reason. So am not sure if it sent through to you or not. My email is
    Just incase the pm doesnt go through! lol thankyou :)
    Hi, I sent the money 3 days ago but still havnt heard back from you at all, wondering when I will be getting the essay? thankyou :)
    Hi ,I saw on a thread you were selling your 20/20 frankenstein/ bladerunner essay, wondeirng if you are still selling and if so for how much? thankyou
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