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  • hi. thanks for your interest, just to make it clear, ur offering $60 for 3u notes (all) and $60 for 4u (all)? so in total 120? i will think about it, so thanks for your offer, and to ur q on pick up, i live in the north shore, and prefer anywhere around chatswood. postage is available however in buyers cost. continuinng on to the prior notes, if the offer is 100 ( i know u havent offered yet) but i think i'd keep them for tutoring if so. anyway, THANKS, keep in touch~
    -HSC 09
    could you pm me your email or something

    exam was alright. MC wasnt too good, maybe 10/15. short answers felt good, loved the calculations but im worried i made a fare few numerical errors. medical physics option was surprisingly easy, very straightforward - 6 marker was on how MRI works, i love MRI :p hoping i can scrape off a low band 6; so much for 90+ raw :(
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