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  • I've only been to two events, it's a bit to travel but if you're asking if I do any schooling in Vic, I don't.
    They may have revoked it for you because it's only offered at very few interstate schools in SA and NSW.
    Nay, I got back in end of Yr 10, so that was back in 2010. They refer to you as the "Class that you finish HS Kwongers", so that makes class of '12.
    hey ohh yeah i finished all my examss =D
    im soo excited yet im soo scared upon getting my atar back D:
    nonono im finish year 12 already im doing HSC next week silly :)

    ohh yeah maths ext 2 is the highest but i dont do ext 2 i do ext 1, the order goes
    Maths Applies - General Maths - Advance Maths (2unit) - Maths Ext1 - Maths Ext 2
    and nah i dont love mathss well i dont like ext maths D: its too hard D:
    oh because im moving to melbourne at the end of the year? and i finish school already lol
    ahhh i see thats good subjects hope u do well in them, how u finding them?

    ohh umm can you double check the 2unit maths conversion for me please? cos i honestly dunno, well maths ext 1 seems to be alot harder then maths methods ><" which sucks!! i thought methods would be 2unit maths D:
    aw thats good :)

    Um i'm in grade 12 now, i just finish school, HSC starts next monday D:
    well i done Standard English, Adv Maths (2unit), Maths ext 1, physics, business and information technology :) what about you?

    Its okay dont worry, i'll try and sort things out with VCE people lol
    Oh im sorry for the delays :(
    but yeah im planning to move after i complete my HSC (around december), when did you move? Im still confused about the subject conversions from HSC to VCE =\
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