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  • Thanks man! :)

    Legit that was me until like 3 days ago haha! You'll know eventually. Good luck with everything! :D
    Ohh ok, all goods!

    Definitely, take a few days break and start studying again. Ooh have fun on the holiday! :D

    I got some early offer thing yesterday with a scholarship from UWS so I'll probably be going there ahah. Holidays have been great!
    Just chilling I guess, and watching cricket all day errydayyy. #cricket4lyf

    What are you aiming for? Like atar/uni/course :)
    Thanks heapsss Crisi!! :D

    Hahaha cricket is love, cricket is lyf! You're absolutely right :)

    Nah it's cool, I did: Advanced English, Chemistry, Business Studies, Economics, MX1! Oh yay you also do all those subjects + Physics! How's year 12 treating you? Holidays now, right?
    Hey, I have made some room for PMs, so if you want to send a private message, go ahead

    As for your question, I didn't really use a textbook for 4U, the only textbook I had was the Fitzpatrick one but that's because the school told me to buy it. I never used it after the middle of Complex Numbers because its pretty awful

    For studying maths I would go on marathons, look at last questions on past papers, go on problem solving sites etc. My method was very unorthodox, if you don't want to aim for a state rank, I suggest not taking my method and asking someone from a high selective school about what they did.
    yea the others guys are literally the best in the state, they are given to students from top 5 schools as part of their notes for HSC study, do u think ur gonna be using them or make ur own on top of those?
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