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  • i am awake :)

    just incase you decide to join all the other trolls on bos, im going to say what ive een saying to others .. ''don't judge me when you don't know me''

    and if you told me to wake up because of my opinion on this thread then.. im sorry but i thought people were all different and were entitled to share their own opinions ? =\

    Dw, i forgive you for bad repping me.
    i don't really give a shit about this bos thing lol, im just here to get information for my subjects at school.. but i get bored sometimes :)

    this is pure entertainment to me.

    so its up to you if you want to waste your time telling me off when i clearly couldnt care less... OR, you can choose to speak to me like a civilised person that accepts the differences in people :)

    I never graduated. I decided to change. A geology degree is eminently employable.
    Thanks for the rep. :D Last one I got before that was some wanker who just negged me 'cause I posted a picture of an Abe Lincoln statue for a joke.
    doubt it.

    But you have no way of knowing what I think of you beyond my words. Afaic, i'm just interacting with ideas which i'm free and encouraged to hate
    I will dedicate a whole decade of the rosary to cookie being struck down on the road to rome
    Thanks for the rep Cookie!

    I haven't read up on Hitchens, but I'm much more well acquainted with Dawkins.

    Oh, and there's nothing quite like late nights sifting over philosophical matters when you should be resting up for trials haha :D
    "See, when you dont care what others think, its never a problem...obviously your not there yet "

    You know what? I really like you :D
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