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  • oohh! now i get why you were asking why the mods said that people shouldnt post up papers and shit
    lmfao! i just read it now cause i havent been on bos for a while.
    LOL I know cerdon all too well.
    - My old school was st pauls and my primary was olqp and most of the girls go to cerdon haha
    - my sister goes there
    - I'm somewhat walking distance from the school haha
    Btw I know you don't do it but what did ppl think of the 2u paper? My sister sat it but she hasn't said a word about it which doesn't seem like a good thing haha
    Yeah, that post was removed from my profile :)
    I think i'm pretty set for my exam - just going through any weird questions i can find write now XD
    Bahaha i go to Cerdon College. It's about ~15 from parra and ranked ~top 100 ^^
    I always looked at your name thinking, "Clint-Meissster". (I saw you on the recent visitors list) :)
    far out man thats intense! haha hope u aced them all mate. how'd u go in umat? god damn it i hate section 3
    hahaha reshad told me to post for med... LOL the scores were alright + its my first paper so i don't know if ill be consistent.... screwed up in s3 anyway. ummm LOLs im so screwed for trials >.<" + i have two assessments to finish by the end of holidays which is crazy >.<""" wbu?
    I was just looking for sum resources for bio for the second module. We have a topic test on Wednesday. :(
    lmao at least u've tried one
    i just do one section and then i lose focus :p
    oh well keep at it! u me resh and the others should make a study group soon !
    yea not bad mate, hitting assessment time again + umat exams >< wbu mate?
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