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  • Hey miss, are you allowed to undertake a question in the HSC exam from International Study in Peace and Conflict that you have not studied? Say that I did Conflict in Indochina and I didn't like it, in the HSC am I allowed to answer a question from Conflict In The Pacific or Conflict in Europe instead or am I bound to stick with the Indochina question?

    Reason why am I asking- World War Two is my life and I hate Leni Riefenstahl.

    Thank you.
    The simple answer is as many as you need to build your argument.

    I have given full marks to students with no specific historians at all but they have used ideas from a range of historians. It is rare of course.

    It is more how the sources are used rather than a count of the number of sources e.g. a student who uses 10 sources won't automatically get more than one who uses 8 or 9 and all of them might get less than one who uses only 2 but uses them very well.

    I tell my kids to aim at three to four but that is a general guide only.
    Hey Miss,How many historical sources should we use in a personality question worth 15 marks for Ancient History?Thanks.
    If you just say Operation Michael you will be fine.

    It is good to use a couple of reputed historians but use them as part of the argument don't just quote them to show that you have a quote or two memorised.

    You can get Band 6 with no mention of historians (or you have been able to in the past but if the CSSA trial is anything to go by it may be essential for the personality question in the future) but they are very useful to show that you are aware of the different interpretations.
    Thank you the reply.

    So if you only mention the month and year of a particular battle or offensive, say Operation Michael in March 1918 instead of March 21,1918, to support yourself in a strong argument that would get you Band 6?

    Also, what kind of authors do we need to refer to in our examination? Can our whole essay refer to unknown authors or should there be at least one reference to a reputed historian such as John Keegan, Richard Overy, Peter Costello or Max Hastings?

    Thank you.
    Hello Ms.

    Today my modern history class started our World War One course and I have ntoed several differing facts in my teacher's notes (my teacher typed up Schiefflen's death to be 1911 when he actually died in 1913 and the Battle of the Marne occuring from 4 September, 1914 when other sources state that it began on the 6th of September, 1914) to from what I have read. However these are just dates and are just petty but will they matter in the HSC examination? (I'm asking this in regards to International Studies in Peace and Conflict as well and not just in regards to World War One)

    Thank you.
    are there any courses at uni that allow you to be qualified to teach both primary and secondary?
    you sound like a great ancient teacher. i hate mine she makes a fool of u if u get a question wrong and picks on u for answers =.=. teach at my school please =)
    hey cem i know you are a modern teacher. i wanted to ask you regarding the notion of making an 'impression' on the marker. I'm always missing a mark or 2 behind the maximum mark usu. 1 mark behind and i ask my teacher what is wrong and he only tells me its the impression but never clearly explains how to make a better impression. I keep practicing my essays and try to follow the marking criteria but i never seem to get the full marks so what should i be doing?
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