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  • Sup, I was wondering if you could recommend a few supplementary texts for the "Justice Game". Preferably something easy to analyse such as a cartoon or webpage...Also, if you have anything else on the specific cases in "The Justice Game", that would be awesome>

    Email: andyding1234562@gmail.com
    Heyy i saw your thread bout justice game help was wondering if you could email notes for michael X, trials of oz, and romans in britain ive got techniques down but need help on explanation and understanding the text.
    Email to: latino_heat619@msn.com
    Hey callisto!
    I was wondering if you could help me with The Justice Game. My next assessment task will be based on 'The trials of Oz' and 'michael X on death row'. I am trying to find a related material for this module and I was wondering if you could suggest something? What related materials did you use for your exam?
    Also, i was wondering about whether the related material you choose should be related to the justice game in terms of themes or the techniques used to convey conflicting perspectives?

    Thanks alot! :)

    If you can, could you please email me on tsing_lee@hotmail.com? but if that's too much of a hassle, just PM me on here, thanks!!
    Hey callisto =)
    Well I've got an assessment task today based on the Justice Game.
    I've got two questions to ask.

    I'm going to be exploring the concept of capital punishment, but I'm not entirely sure which essays can be used. I'm def doing Michael X on Death Row but I don't know what other essays I could talk about, maybe briefly link it to the Trial of Oz and the whole "collision of cultural incomprehension." But yeah, I don't know really know.

    Anyways, second question. Do you have an related material that you could recommend? Having a hard time searching for something sufficient.

    Anyways, thanks a bunch! =)
    If possible, could you reply to my email, andypan92@gmail.com or if that's too troublesome, then just PM me on here. Thanks again!

    I've got my trial HSC tomorrow, and just decided to see if there were any additional resources on the web. Just found your post about willing to help with the justice game.

    Just wondering if you would be able to send me any notes you have for it, just like to compare them with my own, etc.

    If you don't manage to get them to me today, thats alright, I can still use them for the HSC and the help would be very much appreciated.

    my email is smith.jeshua@gmail.com


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