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bored of sc
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  • haha well u seem highly capable!- u probs just don't have confidence in urself =I but hey- dreams come true =D Enjoy ur night bored_of_sc =)
    u wish :p anyway, i've been browsing bos and I wanted to say thank you for ur input in many of the threads. I believe u'll get an awesome ATAR--> 95! GL and all the best for the 16th :)
    I did 2U.. Thought it was the easiest thing I'd ever done. Christianity Section 3 was brilliant.
    :) Good luck with the others!!!!
    Uhm. Well, English modules was absolute torture... Ancient was ok. The others are all quite fine - Spanish was brilliant.
    Do you do 1 or 2U RE? I've probably asked that before.
    Mine start on Wednesday, with English.... finish on Friday 30th, with Extension 1.
    English ties them both neatly. The only one I'm completely sure about is Spanish, because I finished my trial with 40mins to spare and no study before, and got a good mark.
    So actually checking it all, 40mins there, I'll be good I hope.
    11.30am, 30th of October, life comes gleefully back.
    It's fantastic isn't it? Your speech was awesome, I have to say, because not many people think of the singing thing.
    Good luck with the exams... you start on the Wednesday?
    That's really good for Music and RE. But don't worry about the others. Sure, they might have a weighting, but in 5 years, no one's going to really care about HSC results.
    I did my HSC Speaking today, too... Surprisingly easy.
    They were half good, half can-be-betters. English was torture. Not liking Caesar and Romanticism!!
    Spanish was fantastic - 91% - and religion 86%.
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