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  • best to take an average from multiple atar calculators, also i most recommend matrix atar calc, most accurate imho when i put actual final marks.
    ur atar will be about 70s if your final hsc marks for all ur subjects are around that range too. But take into consideration half ur internal school mark is used to calculate final mark, so if u did good in school subjects ur atar will be better. Also consider bonus points.
    I highly doubt it's that high, when you score raw 70s and 80s you are going to get a HSC mark of high band 5 to low band 6.
    I never used notes for IPT. All that i had was a ~3000 word summary sheet with triggers on information for all the topics, i took to the subject quite naturally when i realized how to approach it

    Don't think there are many better publically avaliable notes than Brightsides. Though you could always search for (and use) multiple sets. Or use with caution the Excel textbook.
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