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  • thanks for accepting may as well fill up my friend roster for what its worth, even if it is just for show ^^
    Yeah, you'd think so. I might see if it's on at the local Cinema shortly. I don't think my roommate will be into seeing it though - he's kinda a tough boy person.
    I'm jealous... I heard rave reviews about that movie. I reckon it's going to be one of the great films of the year - what exactly is it about?
    *Clicks new posts*

    Way to totally own the latest post on at least a helluvalotta threads! Haha. Someone went on a posting bender.
    hi absolutezero, quick question...there are some threads where the posts cannot be viewed. These threads were here before the site got upgraded. Will the posts be visible again?
    Also, my friend sent me a visitor message a few days before the site was getting upgraded. Every time I log in, it doesnt show me the message, it just tells e that I have one unviewed visitor message. How can i view this message? and if i am never able to view the message, how can i make sure that it doesnt tell me 1 visitor message every time i log on?? thank you for your help
    Hey thanks. I haven't been on in ages to check that thread, too much downloading doesn't make parents happy.
    so which japanese artists do you have particular interest in?
    apparently i reckon orange range was good
    asian kung fu generation... good too...
    i liked home made kazoku... and a few more :p
    hey btw just out of curiousity, are you asian or you just kinda like jay chous stuff? :p
    Well not particularly medicine, but I was keen on medical science itself - the idea of helping others interests me a lot, which I guess can be done in any job, but I wanted to have international work and correspondence overseas, which is much more likely through law too. I really loved my Philosophy course I did in the HSC, and while I wouldn't take an Arts degree to do Philo, Law is a great substitute I think because of all the analytical thinking, cases, ethics and morals.

    I'd be combining that with science though, which I'd keep medical or psychological or something (I've always been interested in Psychological science/Neurology).
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