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  • I'm generally going to bed ~2am these days, this morning it was 6am but I had a nap yesterday from ~5pm-9pm after finishing ~2k words of assignments that day (had several things due and it kinda took me by surprise :s) I just woke up now so not sure ill be sleepy enough to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.
    I'm in 3rd year of 4 total (hopefully so long as I don't fail anything).
    I am when it's things that don't relate to teaching/what I want to get out of my degree, or dont interest me. Eager to do work for things that will be helpful/beneficial though.
    It's actually been bad recently I might have to see a doctor or something lol, was fine today though so maybe everything will sort itself out.
    My computer is always on and BoS is always open, I dont check it that often these days though, it's usually fairly boring tbh (some exceptions though).
    It is late, I'll probs sleep soon, I didn't realise it was quite so late lol.
    Yeh lol my art tutor gets us to do stupid things every week lol
    I slept from whenever I went to bed until like 3-4pm rofl, that's not really compatible with uni though unfortunately
    Have fun :D
    Good night, oh yeh we talked about school and uni stuff a lot too, forgot about that haha. Nice to talk to you again :D
    Just checking I've done everything I need to for classes tomorrow, been doing that for like 3 hours now
    Ugh I waste so much time lol.
    That said I'm normally up until around 1-2am (which is a very significant improvement on 5-7am I was doing during the holidays lol).
    How come you're still up? :p
    Haha there's prob more but idk apparently my brain didnt care too much for it or something lol
    Yes, sister, yes :)
    Nah I don't really get offended by anything ever.
    idk but we did did send quite a few PMs back and forth, i remember you like science/human body, peaceful/quiet walks to think about ~stuff~, you were looking at a getting a laptop for uni and i think that's about all that my robot brain saved to its hard drive lol
    Well, you're pretty much destined for research anyway - I'd think. Isn't Med Sci a pretty narrow field in terms of what you can possibly do?
    Ah, don't you want to get into Medicine though? I figure that's what most Med Science people want to do...
    Yeh I recall you mentioned that back in the day, hmm well you've got plenty of time to think about options and where you wanna go etc.
    Not really smart, I just spend a lot of time thinking lol.
    Yes a lot in some ways, but not at all because of any student resemblence (not yet anyway), it's just because some things the students were learning (and some of their out of school interests) were really similar to some of the things I did, and some of their interests were the same mine even today lol (pokemon, minecraft, spongebob things like that lol).
    Ah cool, any idea what you wanna do after graduating?
    Yep primary :D
    Well my subjects are k-6 creative arts (both doing it and strategies to teach), k-6 maths (strategies to teach and identifying level of achievement etc), special education (being comfortable and confident having students with disabilities in your class and how to cater to their needs etc) and teaching scientific literacy (good teaching practices basically), there's not much to be stressed about, it's low contact hours and really quite simple stuff. I get most of my understanding from readings I do outside of uni courses tbh.
    Human remains noice, are you doing science or what?
    GL for the exams!
    Oh hey, all is going quite well, 2nd prac in November to look forward too :D
    Still in holiday mode but I'll probably have to start doing uni work very soon.
    How is it going with you?
    Inbox is full :)
    No probs, if you wanna know anything just pm, but basically you can get something like that for 600-700 fairly easy, if you look around probably less.
    Added graphics would be a plus also but completely unnecessary for uni stuff.
    Your inbox is full so:
    List, I thought we choose today but we only got access to the list today, actually pick on monday.
    Hopefully I'll get k-2, would be so much easier but I guess it doesn't really bother me.

    So how's life m8?
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