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  • heyy mann . yu reckon yu can give me yur msn so yu could help me out with engineering :S
    dont worry if you dont have it online, just wanted to look over the paper thats all. if you understand the 4 unit course, it doesnt matter how many papers you have done. you should still be able to get like a low E4, dw man you will be fine. take it easy and good luck man.
    heya. yeh my ranks are real lol. i'm from Farrer Ag High in Tamworth, hence the two people doing MX2. lol
    Yeah, for combined law at USYD. Not going to get it but a girl can dream ... or something like that.
    dude you still are the only crazy one :p
    i just noticed your in year 12..im in year 10
    woh m an
    14 units in year 12 =O
    doesnt it get hectic?
    what do you do?
    im prolly not going to do 14 units as your only allowed to do 13 in my school
    was planning on convincing the school to let me
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