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Preparing for the chinese continuers hsc (1 Viewer)

Jul 22, 2005
Sydney, Strathfield
How is everyone preparing for the chinese continuers hsc?

Personally my weakest areas are listening and writing, so i have done at least 4 practice writing responses to past hsc questions. Problem is i have no idea how to guess if i have written well enough to get 9/9 or not blah.

How is everyone else going? ( assuming any other continuers actually come here.)

p.s here are some practice questions if you need any

2004 HSC

Q 12 . Pick one 6 marks 130-180 characters

a) Imagine you just had a very bad weekend, write a recount of it.


b) You were invited to a friends birthday party but for some reason you did not attend. Write a message of apology.

Q. 13 pick one 9 marks 130-180 characters

a) You are a member of the student representative council. Write a formal leter to the principal in which you attempt to persuade him to change the school uniform


b) Imagine you work part-time for a travel agency. You have been asked to make a presentation to a group of overseas visitors. Write the text of your speech in which you encourage them to discover the 'Real Australia "

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