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best school for maths? (1 Viewer)

Grey Pigeon

Active Member
Sep 1, 2021
sefton isnt too bad for maths esp if ur in selective they make all selectives do 5.3 maths and exams are quite difficult


Dec 1, 2023
Ye so i can shed some light on this, i go to Alnoori MS (the one ranked 5 for maths) currently doing extension 2 and i did bio-accelerated in 2022 (got 95 in that) , and ye all the private schools like my one and alFaisal have a entrance exam to get in.

On top of that they force a bunch of kids to go adv or standard if they know they cant do ext1/2 well + they have massive maths-adv accelerated classes (like 30ish kids) that all just do maths 24/7 and hence all these band 6's.

+ Alfaisal maths adv/ext1 and 2 teacher is absolutely cracked, like man breathes maths (Mr Jamal)+ their internal assesments are absolutely crazy
The alnoori adv maths teacher is also cracked

+in Alfaisal can only do ext2 if u got a band 6 in maths accelerated in yr 11

+The pressure is insane, you finish all content by mid term 2, and trials are in term3, so u have about a little over a term + Holis
to just do past papers and usually get thorugh 30-50ish papers just for ext1/2 before trials even start.

IK this bcuz i go to the same tutoring centres to the Alfaisal kids, and im telling u their ext2 class is absolutely not normal.
Can I ask you if you can suggest any good English Private Tutor? Is Al Jabr a good place for math tutoring or Ngo & Sons. How is Usman there who teaches the younger classes? They often combine the class such as year 7 & 8 are combined, how that works?

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