1. J

    the great gatsby

    "The Great Gatsby is a story of filthy-rich, 'careless' and wholly dislikeable characters - all except for Gatsby." Has this been your experience of the novel? What features of the novel have helped you develop this view? has anyone studied the great gatsby before for English? if so, any...
  2. J

    subject selections year 11- HELP!!

    hi omg my subject selections are tomorrow!! i've thought out my subjects for a while and i plan on: ext eng ext math jap continuers chemistry bio But I've been getting cold feet for biology, is it really worth it doing two sciences?? Because everyone I know says that biology is a death trap and...
  3. A

    Economics vs Business studies

    Hi, I am in Year 10, and I am struggling to decide on my last 2 units for next year. These are the subjects I am definitely going to choose: English Advanced Mathematics Ext 1 Biology Chemistry Art For anyone doing either economics or business studies what are the advantages/disadvantages? how...
  4. kkk579

    Fort Street and Girraween Portfolios, Reports and extra cirriculars

    Can someone give me their opinions on what year 8 semester 2 and year 9 semester one report they think will be sufficient enough for me to get into fort street taking in account of other competitors? Also does anyone know how fort street chooses their applicants?? Please reply asap thanks! Also...
  5. L

    selective entry y10 2022

    idk if i should try out for ruse??? im currently in yr 9 and thinking of applying to baulko, ruse or girra for yr 10 2022 im a straight A student, DUX of my grade two years in a row, im in the school volleyball team, debating club, art club, ambassador. i do extra curriculars, such as piano and...
  6. N

    Physics, Chemistry or Biology tutoring?

    Hi, I'm going to be going to year 11 next year and I'm getting kinda stressed about my science subjects. My subjects for next year are 3U Maths, advanced English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Geography. I am already doing English and Maths tutoring but I'm really scared of how I'm going to...
  7. S

    Study for yearlies or not?

    My yearly exams are coming very soon, starting in week 2, term 4. I was wondering if it's even worth trying anymore. I have put so much work in from the start of the year up until now and got the subjects that I want to do in year 11 and 12. I chose my subjects in term 3 and I'm pretty confident...
  8. F

    Business Studies or Modern History

    Hey, i've got my subject selections coming up very soon and I need information and which is better for me to choose. Thank you