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    Studying Politics at University?

    Hi! I really want to do a double degree at university in Political Science (or something related) and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in literature or similar). I get pretty good marks with a predicted ATAR of 95 but i am really confused about which university to go to. For a long time i considered...
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    UNSW EAS points

    Im eligible for EAS points under the socio-economic disadvantage scheme. If say, I want to get into engineering (93 ATAR) but I only have a 90 atar how many bonus points does this disadvantage offer? (excluding hsc plus points).
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    civil engineering or civil w architecture

    What is the difference between the two courses? Also, what is the maths difficulty for engineering like compared to high school? (i did math ext 1) Is it difficult to find a job as a civil engineer/ what is the demand for civil engineers?
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    New EAS Scheme for 2019-2020.

    Hello everyone. So this year UAC is implementing a new scheme for EAS where those living in the lowest 30% in socio-economical areas are eligible for EAS. I am eligible. I was wondering if I had to apply for EAS or will unis automatically take it into account. Also, will I be given bonus...
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    Physiotherapy help!!!!

    I was wondering if there are any bonus points for physiotherapy at Western Sydney University since apparently they do not offer bonus points for regional disadvantage. Is the 95 ATAR benchmark flexible or must I achieve a 95+ ATAR in order to be offered placement in the course? Also, does ACU...
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    LAT Test

    Hello, can anyone tell me what last year's LAT exam was about, and where I can find some practice, please?