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related texts

  1. aceagle007

    Megamind as my related text for the common module?

    SO can i write about megamind as my related text for the english standard common module? its deadass a good movie with a whole character arc which includes his struggles with adversity and his search of identity. If anyone supports my actions please lend help as to how to follow through with it
  2. A

    Need Related 'Merchant Of Venice' Text

    Hey so I've got a multi-model English Adv speech due in two weeks where we need to compare the Merchant Of Venice to a related text. I was thinking on doing a short story on love and prejudice but I cant find anything Anyone have related text ideas?
  3. Minari243

    The Crucible by Arthur Miller related texts

    Hi!! I'm having a bit of trouble picking my related text for the common module: Texts and human experiences. My text is The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Does anyone have any suggestions for which related text I could do? Thanks!
  4. V


    I was wondering what related text would be best for Arthur Miller's "The Crucible". I got given the poem "My Father Began As A God" as an example of what text I can have as a related one. If you have any suggestions for related texts it would be very appreciated (preferably poems, and in regards...
  5. A

    Related texts for Merchant of Venice ??

    If anyone has good related texts for the Merchant of Venice please help me out! And if you have any good quotes and techniques or essays for that related text comment them also! Thanks!
  6. S

    Worlds of Upheaval

    Hi! I was wondering what people are doing for their related texts in this unit? My prescribed texts are Frankenstein, Metropolis, and Do Not Say We Have Nothing and I'm struggling with finding a substantial related text :confused: Would anyone be able to suggest something. Everything I've found...