1. Pablo_35

    Someone Estimate My ATAR !

    Hello members of BOS ! I just received all my subject rankings back and was wondering if you guys can help me estimate my ATAR. I go to a school that's around top 150. My ranks are: English Standard: 18/69 Maths Advanced: 32/63 Physics: 9/32 Chemistry: 17/34 Engineering Studies: 1/11 These...
  2. S

    Please help me understand ranking

    Hey, I was really scared about how ranking works now that i know my ranks. I need an ATAR of 85 and my ranks are: Biology - 2nd Chemistry - 2nd CAFS - 1st Maths - 2nd English - 6th Is not coming first in every subject going to screw me over heaps?
  3. Kyufruit

    State rank

    How does one get a state rank? Is it also based on scaling and what school you go to or does it have different rules? How can one get a state rank? Ive always been interested in the idea of getting a state rank but when I did a little more research I realised no one at my school has ever got...
  4. Shinitakunai

    Is it true that your rank in a subject determines your exam mark?

    I have been reading about info concerning how the external exam mark operates. So far, it appears to me that if you are ranked first in a subject you will get the highest exam mark even if the mark is not YOURS but someone who genuinely did better on the HSC. To me, that appears quite corrupt...
  5. T

    Internal Ranks v External Ranks

    Hey! So i was wondering if i have the chance of getting a band 6 in english advanced - my school rank is pretty good its top 30 in the state, but we aren't great at english - only 20-40 people get band 6s from our cohort, but our grade in particular is expected to get around only 20 as well. My...
  6. J

    Got an average mark in math and need a band 6

    hi!!! so i’m in year 11 but i’m doing the advanced math course this year and i just received my second assessment mark back it’s it’s really disappointing. i’m stressing because i NEED a band 6 and idk if i can get that anymore. my marks: first assessment: (20%) 89% - ranked either 9th or 11th...