medical school

  1. M

    Switching from Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) to Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing at USYD

    I need some urgent help guys… At the moment I’m currently enrolled in Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies), but my end goal is to get into medicine, and I found out that there is a degree called: Bachelor of Science and Master of Nursing. The reason why I chose Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced...
  2. 9

    Shitty internals VS good HSC result

    It's doing my head in--my school which ranks at around top 50 in NSW really fluctuates every year because we rely on the cohorts' ability to do well (it's not a selective high so...). My internal marks are not looking too well and while I ranked in top 3 in all my subjects during year 11, I had...
  3. sami90210

    UCAT at uni?

    If you don't get into undergrad medicine in year 12 you can do UCAT every year until you graduate uni right? so if you do well in the UCAT in uni, do they still look at your ATAR or do they look at your uni GPA for them to give you an offer in undergrad medicine?
  4. S

    Help..UNSW med school Transfer/Apply (Aspiring medical examiner)

    Hi :awesome: , I'm currently in Yr 12, and definitely feeling underprepared, I may take a gap year to prepare for the UCAT for entry into UNSW Med depending on my ATAR. Sorry for all the questions below! Even if you are only able to answer one question, I would appreciate anything !! 1. Is...