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Entire HSC economics course notes (Band 6)

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I'm starting year 12 eco and I got an aneurism when I checked the Tim Riley book
I had Tim Riley on for a little economics summit day held by my school. Immediately wanted to go to bed hahhahahah. Good luck!
Very extensive and good for revision. A thing to mention is the Balance of Payments. It does not balance at all due to interest rates. It works by a double account entry method. Simply put, if i buy an item from another country, the item’s value will be recorded as a credit in the KAFA while the payment i made is put as a deficit in the CA (current account).
Just mentioning that because the interest rate method thing is outdated as hell, and will not be accepted in the HSC anymore
good catch mate
tysm my school doesnt have any econ textbooks for yr12 like??
damn what deee hellllllllllllll
hey baby.... i think i wanna marry you
It’s the dancing juice fr
These notes are insanely good
good notes very good stats misses a few things but overall very solid hmu on ig @123_srav
dont do eco but mad respect for the effort