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Biology Preliminary Course Notes - New Syllabus

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Succint and easy to understand (given simple wording and many diagrams). Very grateful as I've never been so good with my sciences. Bio is my only science or maths-related subject, so this helps immensely. Thank you.
Been looking for this! Thanks so much :)
Absolutely beautiful notes - I have a huge problem with including too much information and I think if I follow a similar structure with my notes I might be able to revise everything in time for prelims!! Thank you so much!
pretty good
Very good but quite vague in a lot of places
thank you so much
Today I was introduced to the exciting world of organised notes. It's almost jarring how neat this guys notes are and when I look back on my own, I become ashamed.
thanks so much :)
Actually has the content needed and doesnt miss information.
Could not thank you enough!! This is so good!
If you have notes for any other subjects, pls post them as well because your notes are amazing!!
Very Nice
omg tysm
omg these are actually amazing, thank you so much!!
Thankyou, amazing