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    Uni Textbooks

    Try Facebook marketplace, there's a lot of students selling there's now.
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    Year 11s, what do you do in your spares?

    Use this time to get ahead of work, revision, patch up any weaknesses, and just generally go over your notes BUT at the same time, relax, and enjoy time, and don't go too hard on yourself.
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    How should I study for the rest of the Yr 12?

    No problem! I think I would put fixing up on my weaknesses first because for your strengths, you're already comfortable with the content and in regards to getting ahead of class, you wont have to worry about that just yet. But weaknesses generally form an obstacle so I'd definitely go with...
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    !! $2 PER PARAGRAPH !! Cheap B6 Marking for English (97) & Legal Studies (93)

    Hello everyone! I highly recommend Lily's marking services! She marked an essay for me in preparation for my English HSC trials and honestly, the feedback was absolutely outstanding! She went above and beyond in critiquing my essay. In doing so, she was able to promptly and efficiently analyse...
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    How should I study for the rest of the Yr 12?

    I suggest using this time to brush up on your weaknesses, polish your strengths, and get ahead of class!
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    UNSW 2021

    Are we meant to enrol for all semesters or only semester 1?
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    UNSW 2021

    Oh okay! Yep, I received that but from memory I only used one (or two) from the courses they recommended for my first semester
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    UNSW 2021

    Doesn’t it say the maximum we can have for each semester is 18 units? And each course is worth 6 units? (I’m also doing a double degree). Can you please share the link to the guide? Thank you!
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    UNSW 2021

    I was wondering the same thing
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    Cheapest places to buy boba?

    I'm not a fan of the boba drink, but I saw this on tiktok and remembered this post. Anyways, apparently costco has boba tea for $3
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    UNSW 2021

    Right here!!!!
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    ANU penalises entire class of 300 students for alleged plagiarism after being unable to find perpetrators

    That's definitely unfair without question. I'd be frustrated if all my hard work went to waste. It should be upon the university to investigate it thoroughly, and find the students no matter what rather than take the easy way out and penalise everyone. It would have been way better if, as...
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    No problem! Lol, all good!
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    I really hope so!