Dragged to tutoring as a kid, offered a place at James Ruse (selective school test: 254.84), full academic scholarship holder at a private school, downhill ever since there was freedom to actually do things I find fun (...not academics)

Now 5 years sleep deprived (3-6 hrs on school days), getting better at sleep & learning how to cope with actually having to be self-motivated and organise my own life outside of parental grasps
Academic Programme
HSC 2020 - Accelerated Maths Advanced (78) / Maths Extension 1 (45) HSC 2021 - Eng Extension 1, Maths Extension 2, Economics, Legal Studies
Favourite Quote
Difficulty poses an opportunity
Future Plans
Industry Interests
Accounting/Banking/Finance, Education, Engineering


Never in my life would I have thought I'd come 1st in eco trials (out of 31) and 10th for Ext 2 maths (out of 12) (oh no) (lol)
HSC 2021 96.3 Eng Adv (90) Eng Ext 1 (46) Economics (91) 😥 Math Ext 2 (80) Legal Studies (85)



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